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Jeong announces run for Los Angeles County Supervisor seat

Dear Angelenos,


My name is Jake Jeong and I am running for the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors in 2020.

Our county is one of the largest in the United States and our city, Los Angeles, is a world-renowned place with unlimited resources of growth, prosperity, and talent.

I am not a politician. Though there are those who would see that as a weakness, I believe it’s one of my biggest strengths.

Politicians have made promises that were never fulfilled; politicians have selfishly pushed themselves forward at the cost of their constituents’ well-being, their constituents’ lives - politicians have failed us, time and time again! On one of our county’s most pressing issues, the homeless crisis, politicians have done absolutely nothing; in fact, homelessness has only increased over the last year.

I am not these people. I am an immigrant, father, and attorney who has built my legal career on getting things done. I am not motivated by private interests, developer concerns, or greed – my only goal is finding practical, cost-effective solutions. I have never seen myself as a politician, nor was politics ever an aspiration of mine, but recent developments (or lack thereof) on issues plaguing Los Angeles made me realize that there needs to be more strategic planning for the county and the system must be held accountable.

Stepping up is just the beginning!

I believe in the people of Los Angeles. I have met so many passionate people who are so gifted, so driven to help make this city a more inclusive, safe, and equitable place for all.

I plan on bringing us together to rise to the challenge and work collaboratively to make our county a better place.

Together, we can find community-based solutions! Together, we can find REAL SOLUTIONS for REAL PEOPLE!



Jake Jeong

Candidate for LA County Board of Supervisors, District 2




Sharon Joung